Fun Day on the St. Lawrence River!

Fun Day on the St. Lawrence River!

A beautiful panoramic view of the St. Lawrence River 

Wildlife is Everywhere!

Wildlife is Everywhere!

Enjoy the abundant wildlife

Beautiful Sunsets on the St. Lawrence

Beautiful Sunsets on the St. Lawrence

Magnificent sunsets

Loons on the Prowl

Loons on the Prowl

The Waterfront Lodges at oak Point

The Waterfront Lodges at oak Point

Five Spacious Lodges - Muskie, Loon, Pike, Heron and Osprey


The River in Bloom

Over the twenty five years I have been coming to the river, I have always enjoyed The Thousand Islands and Oak Point during the splendor of summer.  I guess you could say, I never knew any different.

But thanks to the opening-up of my calendar as a first time empty-nester, my husband and I suddenly had the opportunity to visit the river in May and said “why not”?  I could not imagine what delights might await, but as soon as I arrived, my eyes feasted on the beauty of Oak Pt. in bloom.


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Napping on the River

The subtitle for this blog post is “The Best Kind of Justification”.

I have not posted anything to this blog in over a year, and had vowed to break that record of silence on Sunday. I had no particular topic in mind but there were to be no excuses, no reasons, just sit down, write something and post it.

By 2:00 pm, however, nothing had been written and worse, a nap was starting to call to me. And that's when the perfect topic, and the perfect justification, came to me. I could write about one of my favorite riverside activities – napping - and of course, such a topic would have to be preceded by an actual nap!



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Lost Island of Lawrencia?


Stephen spied it in the distance - in the waning light it looked a little spooky....

(Before reading any further, you really want to set the tone by listening to the theme from The Twilight Zone.  Really, you do.)

Was it the Lost Island of Lawrencia?  Or perhaps the island where Pirate Bill Johnson hid his gold? (In between appearances at Pirate Weekend in Alexandria Bay, of course.) Or the portal to another space-time continuum, St. Lawrence style?


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Songs of the St. Lawrence

The River has long inspired all sorts of creativity, from artists to sculptors to wood carvers and musicians.  Boat builders would fit in the creative category, also - especially those who have designed craft specifically for the waters of the St. Lawrence, whether skiffs, canoes, sail or motor.  That will be another post - so much info on boat builders, past and present!

Bruce Matthews recently created a wonderful memorial in honor of Jim Reed, gathering photos from all phases of his life and creating a slideshow with music.  When he posts it on YouTube I will post the link here, but meanwhile I have been tracking down some of the music he used as background, which led me to create this list of Songs of the St. Lawrence.  There are all sorts of genres here, and who knows - maybe we will hear people humming, whistling or singing some of these songs around Oak Point this summer.  Enjoy!


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Final Resting Place - Thousand Islands


The Oak Point Cemetery sits on a little hill overlooking Schermerhorn Bay, a very peaceful setting.  I could not read any of the headstones when I was walking through this week, but some fairly clear pictures appear in "A Short History of Oak Point", lovingly researched and written by Alice Gorham in the late 1970s.  Excerpts from her history appeared in some of the 1979 issues of the Thousand Island Sun Vacationer supplement. 

Alice noted that the cemetery was established on October 15, 1823, in a deed specifying 3/4 of an acre for a burying ground and public buildings.  The Oak Point Community Association's building, The Acorn, stands on that parcel also.  Some of the names that Alice mentioned are Sedate Jones (d. Nov. 20, 1837 age 59), Aaron Willber (d. Aug. 21, 1827 age 20), Eunice Clark (d. Oct 29, 1823), and Asa H. Story (d. July 31, 1833 age 8).

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Our First Blog Post!

Our new website,, is up and running, and this is our first blogpost!  Yaaaaay!

Cold and clear at the Lodges this morning, and the beautiful natural finish pine tongue and groove walls are being installed in the new Heron Lodge as I type.  The bay is half frozen and the water is calm.  Not much snow – it’s been a strangely mild winter so far.  A lot of bird activity – geese, ducks and eagles.

Summer will be here before we know it, the bay will be lively with boaters and swimmers, the sun will be shining and new memories will be made of good times at Oak Point.

See you soon at the River!


Prohibition Era along the St. Lawrence

Rockport, Ontario is holding their first time, 3 day festival celebrating the 1920's era, called Prohibition Days, or Under the Flapper's Fringe, from August 16 - 18.  Attendees are encouraged to dress in period fashion - whether river rat, gangster, flapper, temperance woman, federal agent, or bootlegger.  Lots of activities planned - really sounds like fun.

Growing up on the river, one can't help but hear references to the rum running that went on across the border, and I thought I would find a reference to it in Alice Gorham's wonderful book on the History of Oak Point, but I couldn't find anything.  I wonder if any one in and around Oak Point has any documentation, pictures, info, etc., on activities during that era in our section of the river.

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